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Manage sustainable energy consumption and realise efficiency improvements with Joul

Joul is our energy management system platform that helps to improve energy performance in conformance to the ISO 50001 standard.


-Sven Mannens,
Head of business development, DI Blue

Manage sustainable energy consumption and realise efficiencies with Joul

company value

Improve operational processes and energy efficiency while increasing your team’s productivity

energy costs

Optimise energy-consuming assets to improve energy performance

Faster time to conformity

Reduce effort to comply with ISO 50001 by leveraging on Joul’s structured approach and in-app guidance

Prove energy efficiency stewardship

Ensure transparency and meet stakeholder’s & shareholder’s expectations towards a modern carbon-neutral organization.

Find out why

Be energy efficient

Capture all assets consuming energy and model their consumption rates and status. Standardize energy usage by annualizing data and compare relative performance to identify improvement opportunities.


Monitor impact and act

Define baselines and measure effectiveness of implemented initiatives. Be advised on your progress towards achieving your energy use targets. Gain timely insights by reviewing built-in reports and push notifications to realise the next step towards carbon neutrality.


Take climate action

Facilitate sustainable energy management and improve your organisation’s energy performance with Joul. Make energy objectives actionable and manage documentation and controls centrally. Pave the way for energy efficiency improvements and fulfil compliance obligations to meet your stakeholders and shareholders’ expectations.


Engage your employees in ISO 50001 implementation

Joul represents a structured approach on energy management based on ISO 50001. Without prior knowledge of ISO 50001, the user is guided by the Plan, Do, Check, Act-cycle, prefilled dropdowns, and term definitions to enable successful completion of their responsibilities conform the ISO 50001.  Transparent reporting, personalized views and push notifications empower management to involve employees in realizing the organization’s energy performance objectives.

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